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“NDIS” stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. It will be a new way of funding for people. It’s still early days for NDIS in East Gippsland. We won’t have NDIS starting here until January 2019. That might seem a long way away but, because most people are still trying to understand what it will mean, we will keep you informed as much as we can about how it will work for everyone.


NDIS is designed to give more control back to people, about what you want to do, where and when you want to do it. Its about you setting your goals and then arranging things in your life which work for you, which help you to lead a great life and make you happy.


· Some time in 2018, someone from the National Disability Insurance Agency (who manage the NDIS) will make contact with you or your family/carer.

· They will want to make an appointment for you, so that they can assess what your needs and goals are for your life

· This assessment meeting is a chance for you to talk to them about your goals and dreams, what you want to achieve in your life and what you think you need to help you get there.

· They will then develop a Plan for you. This is a draft Plan, until you agree with it. If you are not happy with parts of your Plan, speak up, discuss it. It’s YOUR PLAN, not anyone else’s.


· Because everything that goes into a life is a lot of information, Noweyung can assist you, your family, your carer to think about the things that will help you lead a great life. We’ll start that process with you during 2018 (earlier if you happen to get contacted sooner rather than later)

· We’ll also try to be present with you when you have that assessment meeting, but only if you want us to be there. Sometimes its good to have some support when you’re not sure about the process.

What can you do to help?

· Think about your life now, what you love, what you need to do, what you find difficult, what you need help with.

· Start a list, do some drawings, put some photos together or do a short film on what you want to do, anything you want that will help you communicate to the NDIA what you want. We can help you with this.

· Think about how you get to places, what transport you use

· Start gathering some documents together – your medical records, goals, dreams and aspirations, education and training, if you have worked or had work experience, activities you do or want to do, housing needs.


· Noweyung will begin some forums and get-togethers in 2018, for participants, families, carers. Remember, this is a big change to the way things are done, so we are learning as well. We are on the journey with you.

· This is not something you go through alone. Change can be scary. We can be there alongside you, so that it can be exciting as well.


If you aren’t sure, ask us. If we don’t know the answer yet, we’ll find out and share it with you.


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