All the staff at Noweyung and Cells Café, as well as Participants would like to wish Mitch Hannola all the best for the future. Mitch is leaving Noweyung to move to sunny Queensland, where he has a great new job opportunity awaiting him. 

Mitch will be greatly missed, especially at the Cells Café, where he is renowned for making a fantastic curry and offering a warm welcoming greeting to all customers. 

When Mitch started at Noweyung in 2016, he immediately showed an interest in cooking and attend Noweyung programs to progress his hospitality, numeracy, literacy, communication, teamwork skills and to enjoy recreational activities. 

In 2017 Mitch started work experience at the Cells Café as part of the hospitality program. A short time after he joined the team as front of house supported staff. After a few years of building his skills, he progressed to kitchen hand where he preps ingredients, puts together recipes and serves dishes.

Mitch has progressed to be a very important member of Cells Café staff, who is acknowledged by everyone for his warm and charismatic manner and positive attitude. He has learnt a lot during his time at Noweyung and will surely continue to prosper. We are very proud of him and wish Mitch all the very best for the future.   Mitch’s last day is Thursday 14 July so if you are around pop in for a final meal made by the wonderful Mitch!