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Yackety Yak is a quality weekly radio show produced at our Noweyung Bairnsdale Radio Studio. It is a varied show including interviews, music and discussions and is made entirely by participants and staff at Noweyung. Yackety Yak began in 2006. The prime objective of this program is to foster community respect and value for people with disabilities, providing the participants with a voice in the media and within the local community. The Yackety Yak crew have their own radio studio where the participants are guided through the planning process, recording and interviewing, allowing them to further theircommunication listening and interactive skills. The program airs on RegFM (105.5 and 90.7 FM) on Thursdays at 6pm.

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For further information regarding the show contact Sharon Collins on 51530111.                  

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Staff Update

Dear Staff. As you are aware, the entire state is now under COVID lockdown. Noweyung is complying with State Government guidelines and Noweyung’s COVID safe plan. However, the

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