Winter and the cold weather is upon us, and who doesn’t love a lovely warm fire!!

Well, Noweyung’s Now Projects group are just about to make your life a lot easier, with these boxes of kindling ready for you to start your fire – they are available from Noweyung Skill Centre office at 84 Goold St, Bairnsdale.

Now Projects use a lot of repurposed wood from Hardwood and Kiln-dried timber pallets in their various projects. The group have come up with a use for the offcuts. The offcuts are sorted and cut to size and then they go to the Splitting Table. After being split into perfectly sized kindling, they are boxed up ready for you to take home. The group all really enjoy this work and building practical skills and teamwork. They have a great sense of accomplishment seeing these boxes of kindling being sold.

Kindling boxes at for sale from Noweyung Skill Centre, 84 Goold St, Bairnsdale for just $7.50 per box, or $5.00 for Refill/Swap. Proceeds from the sales goes back to the group to use for more tools and supplies.

Please click here for more information about Now Projects and the other programs we offer at Noweyung Skill Centre.