Whether you’re interested in carpentry, mechanics,  electrotechnology, gardening, technology. arts, radio or building capacity and independence skills, we offer programs for every skill level.  At Noweyung we will help you create a training plan that works for you and your future goals.

You will benefit from our group of expert trainers, who have close ties with the local industry and community.

Below is a list of our Skill Centre programs.  For more information, please Contact Us or complete a Service Enquiry Form


NOW Mechanical team members crowded around their racing lawn mower checking for any faults.

NOW Mechanical

Mon & Tue 9am - 4pm

Hands-on experience working with tools and small engines, learning maintenance, repairs, and servicing.


Machines and equipment are pulled apart and refurbish eg/Motorbike, quad bike, lawn mowers and garden equipment just to name a few. 


Our highly experienced instructor has a vast Remote Control vehicle knowledge   including cars, boats, planes and helicopters.     


Participants are hands on learning about repairs, maintenance and tuning required to keep each vehicle running to its full potential.  The group has regular outings to the local park to text drive their Remote Control vehicles.



NOW Projects

Tue - Thur
9am - 4pm

Tasks for all skill levels.  Skilled carpenter instructors, with years of experience, help participants to design and build wood projects, learning to use variety of tools in a safe environment.


Build your woodwork skills with practice on individual and team projects.  Some of our previous group projects include: helixes, cheese boards, a large performance stage and cafes tables (which can be seen at the Noweyung Café).


Learn about recycling timber materials into new projects.   Participants work in a structured environment learning real life workplace and OH&S skills.

Two men standing by kitchen machinery while performing an electrical test and tag. They are both giving a thumbs up to the camera.

NOW Electrical

9am - 4pm

Test and Tag is an electrotechnology program learning workplace skills under the guidance a highly skilled qualified electrician.


Electrical items and appliances are disassembled and explore to discover their inner workings.  They are then repaired if possible.  If not they are dismantled and identified into individual categories for recycled for parts and scrap salvage. 


There is community inclusion by liaising with Bairnsdale tip and Bairnsdale Scrap Metals on various aspects of the process.   Participants work on team and individual projects of their interest.

Computer monitor showing a character creation menu in a video game

NOW Tech

Mon & Fri
9am - 4pm

Information and communication technology participants gain skills and knowledge in our fully resourced IT learning environment.


Students learn about Microsoft software, operating systems, and hardware. Participants are then taught digital editing tools and social media platforms, along with podcasting techniques in our studio.

Raised veggie garden beds with a water tank and compost barrels on the side.

NOW Grow

9am - 4pm

Experience our Now-Grow program and put your green thumbs to work. This program will provide you with the skills you need to be successful in landscaping and horticulture.


The Now Grow programs works closely with the community linking in with local businesses for additional skill development and opportunities to use our produce. Our participants are involved every step of they way working as part of a team to grow plants and produce, propagate all the way to the end of the process with distribution and sales.

Nathan enjoying a ride on a yellow wheelchair-accessible swing.

NOW Include

Mon - Fri
9am - 4pm

The Now-Include has a Health and Fitness focus encompasses a wide variety of disciplines and roles that allow you to build capacity in sport, aquatics, independent living skills, lifestyle skills and community involvement.


Participants are in small groups or one-to-one and work with staff to plan their day so they have a engaged and fulfilling day working towards achieving their goals.


The program also teaches the principles of health and wellness by promoting movement, improving nutrition, and increasing function.

Colour Gang

Mon - Fri
9am - 4pm

Noweyung’s Colour Gang program is offered out our Skills Centre at Bairnsdale and comes equipped with a fully functional art studio and participants are supported by a trained and experienced art facilitator.


Colour Gang focuses on working with aspiring artists to develop both their artistic skills and showcasing their art to the local community and beyond. Exploring avenues to become paid, professional independent community artists in the medium of their choice.


There are many artists that have the chance to sell their work and receive 100% of the sale. As an added benefit, artists are provided with the opportunity to exhibit their artwork in local Gippsland galleries.

Yackety Yak Radio

The Yackety Yak program started in 2010. The show is produced in our Noweyung Studio in the Noweyung Skills Centre. 


The radio crew work together to build their radio/tech skills, team work and communication skills under the guidance of highly trained staff to produce a high quality show that is aired on REG FM show – 105.5 or 90.7FM.















Now Groove

9am - 4pm

New inclusive music option supporting people of all abilities to learn and develop skills in music and performance.


Now Groove will be located at Noweyung’s fully equipped Music facilities located in  Bairnsdale’s CDB, Nicholson St.


Participants will build their musical skills and develop their confidence playing a variety of instruments, writing and creating music and exploring many musical genres. Budding performers will be supported by our talented staff, that are accomplished musicians across a wide variety of instruments and experienced vocal performers. One of the exciting goals of Now Groove is to provide participants the opportunity to perform.



If you are interested in finding out more about our activities, please contact us or complete a Service Enquiry Form.