Noweyung Day Programs offer a variety of full day activities working towards each person’s NDIS goals developing skills and providing social engagement. Noweyung also offer a wide variety of skill and employment programs during the day that can be found by clicking here

The Day Programs include:

Early Birds

8.00am to 9am – For those people who want to start early. This program provided a relaxed social environment for friends to catch up and enjoy activities before our normal Day Programs start.

Colour Gang

Artists improving skills and knowledge, enjoying a sense of pride and achievement through completing artworks for exhibition, events, gifts or sales. Artists working together and interacting with peers and community members through exhibitions, events, resident artist experiences, networking and workshops

Performance Arts that Include

  • Drama – Working as part of a team toward a put on a performance. Building skills in communication, confidence, artistic direction, script writing, spontaneity, problem solving and flexibility.
  • Music/Dance -Enjoyment and engagement through involvement with peers in an interactive music appreciation activity in the morning and a dance activity in the afternoon
  • Yackety Yak Radio Show – Thursday. Create a weekly radio show to be aired on REG FM, Thursdays 6-7pm. Building communication, interpersonal and interview skills, Production and artistic direction and operation of radio equipment and microphones


Create a variety of quality, contemporary projects for gifts, for display at Noweyung, personal use and appreciation, or for sale.

Sports and Recreation

Health and Fitness. Community Inclusion, maintain and build skill and fitness, interpersonal skills and communication.


To produce quality photos for display, sales, use on our webpage, Facebook account and news feed on our reception TV

My Pace

Designed for over 50’s. Includes a wide variety of activities designed to engage, stimulate, maintain fitness, encourage interaction and interpersonal communications

Social Groups

  • Movie/Pizza – Social interaction with peers, enjoyment of sharing a movie and a meal in a relaxed and supportive environment
  • Pokemon Go – A group game in the Community providing an opportunity for social interaction with peers, exercise and development in teamwork, communications and community interactions