The Noweyung’s Now Electrical group have thoroughly enjoyed their latest project. They have been pulling apart an old dishwasher for scrap metal. Warren, Daniel and James all worked together to dismantle the dishwasher and filling out the required paperwork, before taking it to Bairnsdale Scrap Metals. The group improved their Electrical and Mechanical skills, as well as working on their Team Work and Communications Skills in a very practical setting. Well done guys!

Following the trip to Bairnsdale Scrap Metals Now Electrical group decided to visit the Bairnsdale Tip Shop last week. They had organised a visit for the collection of expired electrical appliances, which will be used to work on as part of the Now Electrical Program.

The group were given a full tour and shown all the great work they are do at the Bairnsdale Tip Shop to reduce landfill by recycling polystyrene and breaking down mattresses into recyclable materials. The Bairnsdale Tip Shop is another great not-for-profit organisation doing its part to create a greener environment, whilst creating employment.

Thank you very much to Shane for giving us the tour of the Tip Shop.

Daniel said the most interesting part of of trip was the tour we were given by Shane of the Tip Shop, especially the polystyrene machine room. Please click here to find out more about Noweyung Skill Centre programs.