Noweyung is a community-focused provider, characterized by a strong commitment to quality. 

Noweyung only takes on a certain number of enrollments per year to make sure that our programs and supports are of the highest standard, thus for some of our more popular options waitlists may apply.

Thinking about trying our services?

To apply for Noweyung services you are welcome to complete the service enquiry form below. Sometimes the best method to find out if we are right for you is to speak to one of our friendly staff who can talk you through our services in more detail about your needs and our current vacancies.

To find out if Noweyung supports are right for you, feel free to call us directly on 

(03) 5153 0111 or email

Complex Needs

Our team places a strong emphasis on offering support to people with complex needs, however, if you do have complex needs, you should be aware that the process to implement support can take time, including finding the right staff and training them to meet your needs in a safe and effective manner.

NDIS Funding Requirements

To access Noweyung Supports, you must have an NDIS support plan. If you need information about accessing an NDIS support plan, we can provide you with further information, please contact us.

An NDIS support plan pays for our staff and their training, and it is critical that you have enough funding in your plan to cover these costs. Noweyung can provide you with support cost estimates to take to your NDIS planning meetings to ensure that you have the appropriate level of funding

Service Enquiry Form

Simply fill out the following form and we will get in touch with you to learn more about what you need.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 5153 0111.