A new Art Enterprise has recently opened in Bruthen on 24th March 2023.  The old butcher’s shop has been revived to become “Smile, Sparkle, Shine”.

Pricilla Pike has been a Noweyung Colour Gang member for over 20 years and is an established artist with a distinct style.  With support from her mother Denise Jonkers and Stepdad Lou, they purchased the old Bruthen Butchers Shop and established a working Art Gallery.  Priscilla paints happy themes of the underwater world, the beachside, country scenes and a range of all nature. Occasionally, VW, Love bugs, caravans and boats feature in Priscilla’s work.  In other words, whatever makes her day brighter is used as inspiration for her colourful, happy art.

Josie is also a Colour Gang member, and she met Priscilla at Noweyung.  They have become great friends through their love of art. Josie grew up in a household centred around artistic pursuits. Art classes were always her favourite at school.  Josie has competed a Tafe Visual Arts Certificate II and has an abundance of talent.  She loves to paint and draw scenes which feature whimsical characters and happy themes. Priscilla and Denise invited Josie to join them to be part of the gallery. 

Josie’s mum, Katrina, a Special Ed Teacher, with an Art background, has been working with Priscilla and Josie exploring and teaching them new skills.  “Smile Sparkle Shine” showcases a wide range of Pricilla and Josie’s works in canvases, framed prints, poster prints, gift cards, beautifully painted flowerpots, football themed pots, painted rocks and more.  Also for sale are plants and other gifts.

Every Thursday and Friday “Smile, Sparkle, Shine” gallery is open from 10-5pm and Priscilla and Josie are hard at work.  They will be increasing their hours over summer.  They have both developed confidence in their artwork and taken the next step in their artistic journey.  This is a great example of the positive pathways that Noweyung aims to promote and a celebration of the determination of both artists.