Now grow group from Noweyung, a NDIS Disability Service Provider, showing off some great horticulture skills!

The Now Grow group are getting that Spring feeling! They have been very busy propagating, making new garden beds, planting, weeding and tending our worm farms. Everything is starting to grow. They are enjoying being outside now the weather is warming up – well some days! On the odd cooler or rainy day, the green houses are very cosy places to work.

They have a huge variety of vegetables, as well as strawberries, growing and are already starting to harvest. When they have an abundance of produce they plan to donate it to Bairnsdale Neighbourhood house.

In the hothouses Now Grow have been raising vegetable and ornamental plants from seed and cuttings for planting into the garden beds. When the plants are mature, they plan to sell some of them at the Noweyung Café.

If you are interested in horticulture, or any of the other programs Noweyung has to offer, please click on the link for more information:

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