Noweyung provides residential disability support in a variety of formats, depending on your level of independence.

Master chef Luke chopping vegetables over a blue chopping board. There is food cooking on a pan sitting on the stove next to him.

We offer two main models of Supported Independent Living (SIL) Supports:

Separate unit accommodation

For more independent people with a disability. The purpose built Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) units have Noweyung support staff on site, including overnight, to assist with daily living task and building independent living skills when required.

Share House - Supported Independent Living

 For small groups of 3-5 residents living in a dwelling in the community. This accommodation has been modified to be accessible to accommodate residents with more complex needs and who need more support. Noweyung Support Staff are there 24/7 to assist residents with all aspects of daily living.

In both cases, our highly trained staff support residents to build skills to be as independent as possible in:

With increasing independence, residents are offered priority access to Noweyung’s more independent housing options when they become available.