Welcome to Rhyll Mathews, who has recently joined the Noweyung’s as the Creative Art Facilitator. Rhyll replaces Sue Patton who retired at the end of last year. Sue Patton achieved so much, empowered so many and is dearly missed. With great respect to Sue and all colour gangsters past and present, thank you.

Rhyll comes with extensive experience in the Arts. Rhyll is a creative soul, who has taught Art in primary and secondary schools for many years. Noweyung is her dream job and working with artists to express their unique ideas and aesthetics is the perfect job for her. Rhyll lives in Marlo in a family of three and by the sea.

One of Rhyll’s first projects was with the Colour Gang making portraits, in the unique style of the Italian Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo. They had a blast.

Giuseppe was an Italian painter and best known for creating imaginative portraits made entirely of objects such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish and books.

This activity had us all laughing and learning together. Rhyll said “I have been welcomed by everybody at Noweyung. It feels great to be part of the gang.”

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